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JOURNAL JULY-A right pain in the heel

Welcome to week 3 of journal July and this week is it all about heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis (PF). This week the journal is by Michael Rathleff and colleagues who in 2015 conducted a study that looked at high load strength training in patients with PF with a 12 month follow up. I chose this journal…

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I am going on holiday but what about my rehabilitation?

Going on holiday when you are in the middle of a rehabilitation program can be scary as you feel like you are putting your recovery on hold. I certainly felt like this before my weekend break to Paris but you do not need to worry. So whilst I was in the city of romance I…

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6 big questions on stretching answered

I thought that I would review stretching and try to give a simple outline to a complicated issue. The problem is that they are various forms of stretching and each have pros and cons.  There are also so many questions surrounding stretching that it leaves us confused and we end up not stretching at all. …

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