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Do you like to be squeezed?

During September we have looked at ice baths, stretching, foam rolling AND NOW it is the turn of compression clothing to be put under the spotlight. I am talking CC such as short or long tights and not necessarily calf guards as these could be a separate topic. Just like with ice baths and foam…

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Does cold water help after exercise?

This morning after teaching double Aquafit I went for a dip in the sea because I was soo hot. Someone asked me does cold water actually help after exercise? This question got me thinking because I know that ice is important for reducing inflammation after an injury (Pour et al, 2011). But does cold water…

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6 big questions on stretching answered

I thought that I would review stretching and try to give a simple outline to a complicated issue. The problem is that they are various forms of stretching and each have pros and cons.  There are also so many questions surrounding stretching that it leaves us confused and we end up not stretching at all. …

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