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Plym Trail Merry Christmas half marathon- Race Report

Plym Trail half marathon 0930 16th December 2018 I wanted to end the year by doing a half marathon, even if I treated as a training run rather than racing it so I managed to get a last-minute place for this half just outside Plymouth. Plym trail half is organised by first and last running…

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Salzburg 10 km Race Report

6th May 2018 Hervis 10 Km Salzburg City Run I was in Salzburg visiting friends and I was there for the marathon weekend so I decided to take part in the 10 km race which was part of the marathon weekend. Other races happening that weekend were the Friday night 5 km, Saturday morning breakfast…

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THE ROAD BACK TO RUNNING: The end and the start

I thought I would combine the 31st December 2016 and the 1st of January 2017 in one entry because they go well together. One is reflection and one is thinking ahead. Read on to see if I completed my goal on New Year’s Eve….. 31st December 2016 So today is the last year of 2016…

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