THE ROAD BACK TO RUNNING-Am I back?-October 2017

Well maybe the title of my diary should change to The Running Road because I am running. On Sunday the 29th I completed my couch 2 5 km and it feels amazing. This last run was OK. I didn’t mind though because I had my best run of the 9 weeks, actually of the year on the Friday before hand. The run on Sunday was blah blah, I had woken up with an inflamed muscle in my back. I was like why now? It was not the ending I had wanted for my couch 2 5 km. Mike had to force me out the door as I really wasn’t in the mood for a run.  But I ran, slow and painful but it did mean I had completed my course.

The run on the Friday was just awesome awesome. I was running from my folks place so that was a little nervous because I was running my old 5 km route which was a staple for years. But it also felt good to be able to be run it again. It is flatter than my routes around Honiton so this helped with getting my fastest 5 km of the year. Yes the fastest 5 km this year and the fastest mile too. The sun was out, the birds were singing, I didn’t feel my knee or anything else and I felt like my old running self. A bit slower than my old self, even so I felt like a runner and felt like I was back.

However the whole of October didn’t go smoothly. There were times when I thought I wouldn’t complete the 9 weeks. There was one week when my knee was aching every day, no matter if I was running or not. I was unhappy for that week as I really wanted to keep going with the 5 km plan. Plus I had just booked in for Mo’s 5 km in Bristol in November to celebrate completing the couch 2 5 km. I just felt like it was happening again, get so far with running, book in a race and boom, angry knee. That week I just persevered with going out for a run, going to the gym and doing my rehab exercises. The week soon passed and the following week my knee was OK again.

There were times when I never thought that I would get to the end of the 9 weeks couch 2 5 km program, but I have. I do know that I still need to be sensible when it comes to increasing my distance or running off road. I still will need to go to the gym and cycle but these are part of my life now.

I hope that I have shown people out there that are injured, that you can come back. With the right information, guidance, exercises and dedication that you can be injury free and do what you love.