tops tips for the winter

TOP 10 TIPS for Winter Running

Autumn is here and I am afraid that this means that winter is around the corner. Currently it is still mild and I find that I am hot running in a t shirt. How ever I am writing this blog in anticipation that we might get an old fashioned cold dry winter rather than a mild wet winter that we have had for a few years now. I am sure that The Met Office will announce shortly that the UK should brace itself for a freezing cold winter with temperatures of minus 10 degrees and 6 ft deep snow lasting until Easter.  If this prediction turns out to be true then least you will be prepared for running.

  1. Put your watch outside whilst you put your trainers on. This way you will not need to stand in the cold waiting for your watch to locate GPS.
  2. Add 5 degrees to the outside temperature. This will be the temperature you will feel like you are running in as you do get warm whist running. So do not wrap up too warm.
  3. Find yourself a light layer that you can easily remove once you have warmed up, normally after a mile of the first hill climb.
  4. You may be warm enough in just a t shirt if you wear a hat and gloves. It is all about keeping your core body warm.
  5. In my eyes unless it sub zero I prefer running in a gilet as I get too warm in a jacket. Easier to layer up under a gilet.
  6. Find yourself a great base layer as this will be your staple in the winter. I love my bamboo or merino wool ones.
  7. If the temperature really drops then it is a good idea to wear a buff around your nose and mouth. It is much better for you and for your health if you breathe in warm air.
  8. Perform a dynamic warm up before you start running. Moves such as backwards or forward lunges. High knee/backward lunge. 20 second high knee stationary jog. Arm circles.
  9. Perform your cool down routine such as stretches or foam rolling after a shower or bath. Your muscles will be warmer and will prevent you from getting cold whilst you are stretching.
  10. Do not be afraid to run outside in the winter because it is fun. Just wear a high viz colour even during the day if it is a bit dimpsey/low light. You will soon work out what to wear for which temperatures so you are comfortable.