review of the year so far

Now is a perfect time for a debrief of the year so far

Most runners wait until the end of the year to do a review of their running for the year just gone. However now at the end of the summer, this is a great opportunity for a review.  This is because you can better plan your autumn training if you know what works for you. It does not take long, you just need to set aside 15 minutes and then you are armed for the months ahead.

Giving yourself time to reflect can be a bit scary but you will also surprise yourself with what you have achieved so far this year. This will in turn be a motivation for the last 3 months of this year.

If you do not know what to look at in your review, here are a list of what I look at.

  • Look at your average weekly mileage.
  • Calculate on average how many runs you did per week.
  • Look at what specific training you did and see which sessions you enjoyed.
  • If you managed a PB look back on the 4 weeks before to see what you did leading up to the PB.
  • Consider what cross training you did and look at how that might have helped your average pace per minute.
  • Look to see if there is any correlation between your training and any illnesses that you might have suffered from.
  • Have an honest think and consider what injuries and niggles that you may have had and see when you had them. So any links between training intensity and these niggles.

Once you are armed with all this knowledge you can then plan your autumn training, races and running with more precision. If you do not have the answers to the above then you will continue to do the training that you do not enjoy. You will continue to do the training that for you does not give you the results you want even if other runners benefit from these sessions.
Knowing the patterns that you have with your running will help you to avoid those mistakes like over training and injury woes. Over the next coming months you will improve on these patterns and also create new ones. This in turn will help you plan your winter training plans.